Extract Clinical Trial Data to Industry Formats

Extract clinical trial data

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Clinical Studio allows you to create clinical trials, collect and enter data, manage users, effectively monitor and mitigate risk, integrate with other systems, and collaborate with colleagues all across the globe.


Clinical Studio supports your research to the last step with features that allow you to extract clinical trial data in a number of industry standard formats. Clinical Studio data can be extracted to:extract clinical trial data

  • ODM – CDISC Operational Data Model
  • SAS
  • XML
  • SPSS
  • MS-Excel

With Clinical Studio, you can extract clinical trial data in the format required so it can then be easily read, interpreted, and analyzed by other systems and researchers, maximizing its value.

Get rid of manual data entry completely with Clinical Studio.

Ad Hoc clinical data reporting

In addition to the data extraction capabilities, Clinical Studio offers a set of data analysis and reporting features that can help you and your team drill into data to answer specific clinical research questions. Create highly granular and detailed reports without having to write complex SQL with built in Ad Hoc reporting.

JReview reporting

If your reporting needs involve extensive complex analysis or graphical representation, JReview is fully integrated as a menu selection within the Clinical Studio system. Contact Integrated Clinical Systems, Inc. for licensing.

With Clinical Studio, the last step in clinical data collection and management is supported with:


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