Deploy a Regulatory Compliant Clinical Trial Study


Keep track of the documents required in clinical trials research

Once you have built your customized, branded clinical study, Clinical Studio fully supports the next phase of clinical research: deployment. With Clinical Studio, you get complete study deployment support with site document management, version control functionality, and a file and image management system.

Site document management with Clinical Studio

Clinical trial site document management is an important part of ensuring that clinical trial regulations are correctly adhered to. With clinical trial sites often in different locations, coordinating the individual regulatory documents required in clinical trials research is a time consuming and labor intensive task.

The Clinical Studio platform allows you and your colleagues to track required site documents from a single application. This feature centralizes the document database and gives you a bird’s eye view of the site document status of all your sites and alerts you to any issues. You can set rules for site document completion and restrict subject enrollment to those sites that have completed their site documents.

regulatory documents required in clinical trials researchComplete version control management

Clinical studies are not static systems. During the clinical trial process, there is a need for revision, parameter adjustments and edits.

Clinical Studio helps you easily manage study changes and adaptations with a complete version control system. In addition to keeping your study moving forward, version control ensures that the changes to your study are in alignment with regulatory requirements. Subjects and participants can be easily migrated to new study versions.

Clinical Studio allows you to deploy your study with the support of multiple features, including:

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