Collect Your Data with Clinical Trial Data Collection Software

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Once you have built and deployed your study, it’s time to collect the data. As you are well aware, a clinical trial without data is no clinical trial at all. Data collection is a notoriously time consuming process. Before clinical trial data collection software, all clinical research required thousands of folders, files and hand entered data.

Clinical trial data collection software streamlines the clinical trial process

Clinical Studio is a clinical trial data collection software and mobile app that makes data collection not only paperless but more efficient, cleaner and less prone to error. The double-data entry capable application makes the process of collecting trial data a streamlined, organized process in the palm of your hand. The organizations and professionals who use Clinical Studio no longer hassle with endless paperwork and instead spend their time analyzing their data and moving forward with their study.

Clinical data collection anytime, anywhere

Not all clinical data collection tools are created equal. Clinical Studio is revolutionizing the clinical data collection process by utilizing the power and availability of mobile devices. The Clinical Studio platform’s cloud-based system and its sister product, TrialKit, make data collection as mobile as you are. With TrialKit, you can collect clinical data anytime, anywhere. Both the Android and iOS apps can be used by patients for self-reporting. With Clinical Studio and TrialKit in your clinical research toolkit, you won’t need an army of specially trained staff. Clinical Studio makes clinical research simple for any professional.

Medical coding toolcsCoder for clinical trial medical coding

Medical codes are used throughout the whole process of clinical data collection. The Clinical Studio platform includes a fully integrated medical coding tool, csCoder, which allows you to access your database and medical coding dictionaries from your mobile phone or tablet. It cross-references your recorded medical terminology with the MedDRA and WHODrug coding dictionaries. The tool then automatically supplies the relevant code for each term.

With Clinical Studio you can: 

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